This blog will highlight many various Humboldt gourmet food products including research, reviews and recipes. “Home of the Humbolicious!” My name is Patty Ann, I will be bringing you live reports on what crosses my path here at the Humbolicious Gourmet Gift Shop at Bella Baskets. I am a gourmet home cook myself. I’ve studied many cookbooks in my younger years and over the course of 30 years of epicurean travels. It will be interesting to see what dishes I come up with! I’ll be paring products together to create quick dinners, snacks and appetiziers. I’ll also be sharing recipes provided by the different chefs of these amazing Humboldt products, as well.

Posting my visits and tours of the local kitchens where the birth of each Humboldt delicacy began. And with dedication you and I both will have the gratification of sharing the same tastes of Humboldt! You can participate in these ventures with all of the delicious Humboldt Made products by joining the Monthly Humbolicious Club and harmoniously sharing along with many others world wide. For more information call 707-444-2823.

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