Introducing Humbolicous Dipping!


Made with Los Bagels Slug Slime and a special blend of gourmet olive oils fresh from the press.


Our New Humbolicious line!!!
It seemed like a no brainer to share the best of Northern California’s fruit by bringing over from Corning fresh cold pressed olive oil! Bottled here in Humboldt County! When you receive your olive oil, it will have never seen a store shelf or warehouse or a ship. It came straight from the press in January 2016!

As I was bottling, I got hungry and looked at the slug slime, next thing you know, I’m blending up a bright yet fragrant, peppery dipping oil.

This has probably been the oldest trick in the book for those slug slime lovers. Well this is even better, because every morsal of slime is soaked with this beautiful olive oil. I made a noodle stir fry with it and added brussel spouts! The mix was delightfully satisfying. The night before, I strained the seeds, held them back while sautéing boneless chicken breasts. 10 minutes on each side seasoned with Humboldt Spice Company Herb Rub tasted like it had been in the oven roasting slowly for hours. Savory, juicy chicken breast with all those flavors. Pouring the remaining over brown rice there wasn’t a drop wasted. Good for the heart and pleasing to the soul, with easy clean up! Love it! ♡


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