Humbolicious Club Membership!

Save 10% on monthly or bi-monthly shipments of your favorite Humboldt Products! We feature a select combination based on season and freshness.

With your membership you will receive a Humbolicious Start-up Cookbook, recipes and samples. Also product history and inside information for your reading pleasure.

Select 1 of three choices for your monthly shipment.

Mini 3 pk per month $24
Mid 6 pk per month $36 to $46
Or a
Humbolicious Gift Basket $78.30 with your 10% Savings


What to Expect in Your Shipment.

Each month you will receive:
1) Your Package selection
2) 10% Discount
3) Recipe card to add to your cook book that we provide in your first shipment.
4) Free Sample of local gourmet products.
5) Product info

Stay connected to Humboldt the Humbolicious way! Become a Humbolicious member and support our growing community of special gourmet creations.  You will be the first to receive newly developed Humboldt products as soon as they are delivered to me. Shipping varies on weight and shipping destination. Call Bella Baskets at 707-444-2823 to get started! Customized options available.


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